Business Travel Hacks that Philippine Travelers Must Know

Business travel in the Philippines can be both exciting and exhausting, especially when you come across the same problems: huge expenses, long procedures, and inconvenient travel times. In the fast-paced world of commerce, efficiency is key, and knowing how to navigate the ins and outs of business travel can make all the difference. 

Whether it’s mastering the art of packing light or harnessing technology to streamline your itinerary, having a few tricks up your sleeve can greatly enhance your travel experience. This guide will cover 9 essential business class travel hacks for Philippine travelers, ensuring smoother journeys and maximizing productivity while in transit.

9 Must-Know Business Class Travel Hacks for Filipinos


1. Check Your Company Travel Coverage

Before doing anything, it’s beneficial to familiarize yourself with your company’s travel policy to understand which travel expenses will be covered. Your company’s corporate travel policy streamlines your options, shows essential details such as booking procedures and eligible ticket classes which allows you to quickly select your travel package to customize the trip to suit your needs.

2. Compare Plane or Ferry Travel

Choosing a mode of travel offers unique advantages that depend on your preferences and situation. If you need to get to your location quickly and will only stay there for a short period, then travel by airplane may be ideal. However, if you plan to be there for more than 2 days then  it will be advisable to book a ferry as ships have more freedom of movement and comfort compared to planes.

3. Make Digital Document Backups

Create copies of essential documents such as your passport, other national ID’s and business travel documents. Make a copy on your phone or laptop then send it to a secure online hard drive that only you can access. Take pictures of your receipts so you have proof of your expenses during the trip. 

4. Observe Price Change Seasons

Set price alerts to your favorite airlines or travel ferries to get the best deals on booking cheaper routes in advance. Consider the time your business trip will take so you can book your departure and return routes weeks ahead of time. Regularly check for price changes or have it on alert using tracking apps. Check during holidays or special events travel companies can offer discount promos for your tickets.

5. Use Promos and Rewards 

Major airlines have flyers rewards points you can earn or redeem so you can pay less cash for your booking. Another business class travel hack is that ferries also offer travel promos to save on your business or vacation trips such as group booking that can get you discounts and other perks like options among different accommodations to suit everyone included. 

6. Plan Leisure Activities Ahead

Research on possible fun or relaxation activities you can do at the location of your meeting. Being there a few days before any actual business will give you sufficient time to enjoy and relax without worry about the meeting. When you balance leisure and business preparation, you not only maximize your enjoyment of the trip but also open doors to unexpected networking opportunities that refresh your state of mind. 

7. Credit Cards Over Cash 

Use cashless methods to streamline your transactions, rather than using currency exchange counters. Book trips using your credit cards and see if they offer discounted tours or flee flights or ferries. There are also options by travel companies for payment through e-wallets like GCash or PayMaya which will help make your booking hassle free. 

8. Pack Light with Essentials 

As much as possible pack only 1 or 2 small bags for your things. Have your luggage compartments be rollable instead of foldable in order to save space. Use plastic sealable cases for your clothes, gadgets and important documents to keep your things safe and organized. Bring emergency snacks, medicines or pillows when traveling anywhere. 

It is also useful to have these items by your side for long journeys:

  • Noise cancel headphones or earpods – Helps you sleep and focus on work during the trip. 
  • Power bank – Just in case there are no power outlets available to charge your gadgets.
  • Eye mask and neck pillow – These can help you get peaceful sleep for long journeys. 
    • Mobile hotspot –  Is perfect for the internet when there’s no cell service.
  • Reusable water bottle – Bring this to make sure you stay hydrated and avoid lethargy. 

9. Be Willing to Upgrade Booking

Many travel companies have upgrade options for your travel suite. These necessitate having to pay extra but can cost less if they have loyalty programs or miles rewards points that will make your trip easier. Being open to upgrades can significantly enhance the overall travel experience through the comfort of spacious cabins and convenient amenities that contribute to a more productive and enjoyable trip. Allowing you to arrive at the destination feeling refreshed and ready to tackle important meetings or negotiations.

Travel Safe, Travel Smart 

There are many ways to travel business class without having to spend all your money while minimizing stress. By keeping luggage compact, seizing travel deals, going cashless, and staying vigilant for opportunities to enhance your journey, you’ll navigate business trips with ease and efficiency. 

So, whether you’re going to your next meeting or a conference, these simple yet effective tips will ensure smooth sailing every step of the way.


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