Everything You Need to Know About FastCrafts in the Philippines

The Philippines is an archipelago composed of over 7,100 islands. With its geography, ferry travel emerged as one of the most important modes of transportation to travel the entire country. Thanks to technology and innovations, sea travel is no longer slow and inconvenient. Fast Crafts in the Philippines are no longer new. These reliable vessels connect island provinces and are conveniently used by passengers for travel as well as transport of goods. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a lot to know about fast ferries in the Philippines. This article shares some useful information you need to know about them.

What are FastCrafts?

FastCrafts or fast ferries are also known as high-speed catamarans. They are a popular form of sea transport designed for traveling the Philippine islands.

FastCrafts: What are they made of?

A game-changer in sea travel, fastcrafts have high-speed performance with monohulled vessels and overpowered engines. Aluminum alloy is another material commonly used in fastcrafts to reduce vessel weight and boost its power. This creates a ‘power to weight ratio’ that improves its speed.

While speed is a major differentiator for fastcrafts, there are other key features that you need to know to further appreciate their value.

Key Features of FastCrafts

As its name suggests, fast crafts offer speed. It makes sea travel more efficient.  They operate at higher speeds as compared to traditional ferries. Island travel is quicker because of them.

Upgraded Amenities
FastCrafts are an upgrade from the ordinary ferry. Passengers can access basic amenities to make sea travel more convenient. They are usually equipped with air-conditioned cabins, comfortable seats, clean restrooms, snack bars,  entertainment systems, and WiFi.

Enhanced Safety 
Sea travel safety is a key consideration in fastcrafts. They use advanced technology and modern navigation equipment for a safe journey. Shipping companies also invest in crew training to make them skilled and knowledgeable in maritime safety.

Environmental impact is now a major consideration for any undertaking. FastCrafts comply with sustainability regulations. These vessels help reduce environmental impact through fuel efficiency.

Fare Classification
Unlike traditional ferries, there are different types of fares for fastcraft passengers. Tickets are available for different types of passengers. It provides an option to travel in economy, luxury, or business class–each offering a different type of comfort and convenience for sea travelers.

Wide Coverage
FastCrafts ply various routes and connect major island destinations in the Philippines. You can book fastcrafts not only in Manila but other strategic locations. Established shipping companies like SuperCat have fastcrafts that ply through Batangas, Bacolod, Cebu, Iloilo, Ormoc, Calapan, and Tagbilaran to help connect travelers to the most sought-after destinations.




In sea travel, it is important to choose the right vessel that can take you to the island destination of your choice safely and conveniently. FastCrafts have taken sea travel to another level with the promise of speed, safety, and efficiency. With its key features, you can expect a better sea travel experience.

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Fastcrafts in the Philippines are a game-changer. Find out what they are and the important amenities that add safety and convenience to sea travel.