Terms and Conditions




Online Booking

Official Ticket

After the customer completes a payment, the customer will be emailed a temporary booking pass in PDF format. It is not your official ticket. Please go to the ticketing booth at the ports to claim your official ticket equivalent.

The ticketing booth at the ports (see list of ports here) will have a special lane for customers who already booked online where Starlite Ferries Inc. staff will give online bookers the official ticket to be presented upon entry to the vessel.


Senior Citizens, PWD and students will have a special rate however these customers will be required to present a valid ID. Failure to present an ID at the ticketing booth can result to forfeiture of the discount or special rate. He/she will have to pay the difference between the regular rate and the bought discounted ticket.



This online booking system accepts multiple payment methods (see complete list of payment methods here) but no payment is processed on the website. For security purposes, payments are processed on third party sites (PayPal and Dragonpay).

For Dragonpay, every channel has a corresponding validity period for payment to be completed (see complete list here). If you were not able to pay within the given timeframe, your booking will be cancelled automatically. To proceed with your trip, you may need to redo the booking process. If you have questions regarding the validity period for payments, please see this link, email us at bookings@starliteferries.com or message us on facebook.

Seat Reservation

As of today (October 12, 2018), all vessels do not apply seat reservation except for MV Starlite Salve Regina which travels the route Batangas to Caticlan and vice versa. Click here to view MV Starlite Salve Regina accommodations.


Starlite Ferries follows a strict schedule for all routes (see complete list of schedule here). However, trip schedules may be delayed or cancelled depending on many factors (i.e. weather, preventive maintenance, etc.). Passengers will be notified if there will be delays or cancellations in the schedule. Starlite Ferries Inc. reserves the right to cancel or delay trips for the comfort and safety of all passengers in lieu of unforeseen circumstances.

To be updated on the trip schedules, you can always visit our website (https://starliteferries.com) and follow us on Facebook (https://facebook.com/starliteferries).


Cancelled Trips / Rebooking

Cut Off Time

Everyone who books online must be at the assigned port (see complete list of ports here) at least 2-3 hours departure time. This is so that you can be accommodated accordingly. Failure to arrive on your departure time may lead to forfeiture of your temporary booking pass.

Rebooking is allowed however a fee will be charged and schedule of your trip is not guaranteed.



In line with the routes and schedules, specific vessels are assigned to trips. However vessels assigned to a trip may change without prior notice. If you have questions regarding the vessels assigned, please email us at bookings@starliteferries.com or message us on Facebook.



Booking Creation Email

After creating a booking on our website, the customer will first receive an email that will show the details of the booked trip, this means that the booking was created. However, it is not yet a confirmation.

2. Booking Confirmation Email

The customer must complete the payment first before the system will send a booking confirmation with attached temporary booking pass. Please print or show a digital copy of this temporary booking pass to the ticketing officer at the port and have it replaced with an actual ticket.

If you have questions regarding your order and/or payments, please email us at bookings@starliteferries.com or message us on facebook.