Ferry Features

Get to know Starlite features and standards.

World Class Standard

Starlite Ferries Inc.’s newest signature fleet roro vessel classed by Nippon Kaiji Kyokai. Each stage of the marine vessels’ development from design, to planning, to production was meticulously managed and crafted by some of the world’s best marine designers and engineers, creating a world-class open water, sea going vessel.

Leading Safety Measures

Customized Design – Especially designed to safely navigate the Philippines’ open sea routes and seasonal rough waters.

Enhanced Stability – The ships are watertight from cardeck to main deck, resulting in enhanced stability and increased safety. during rainy season these ships can be also be sealed, making them water tight.

International Maritime Organization (IMO) compliant – These Roro vessels are built with an easement of 2.75 meters between the main deck accomodation area ad the railings at both sides big enough to accomodate all passengers and crew in times of emergency. These also come with a 1.2 meter-wide stairs for speedy but safe evacuation during emergency situations.

Class NK Certified Starlite Vessels

CLASS NK is an international non-profit organization that provides certification and classification services to 20% of the world’s fleet. It employs stringent processes in assessing every aspect of a ship’s classification – from vessel and machinery plans, to shipregistration, to materials and equipment, to ship safety and security systems – ensuring not just marine safety, but also protection of marine environment.

The principal work of the Society’s expert technical staff is to undertake surveys to ensure that the rules which it has developed, are applied to both newly built and existing ships in order to ensure the safety of these vessels. The rules cover not only hull structures, but also safety equipment, cargo handling gear, engines, machinery, and electrical and electronic systems among others.

Class NK is a class society that is a member of IACS, Since it is an IACS member, the vessels classed by NK are INSURABLE with P&! Clubs.