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Can I make changes or cancel my reservation online? If yes, how?
At present our system will not allow you to make changes or cancel your reservation online. You can either email SuperCat-Customercare@2go.com.ph your cancellation and/or changes you want made to your reservation or call our Customer Service Hotline (+63 32) 233-7000 or fax (+63 32) 234-9667.



What is the average travel time between Mactan Airport and the SuperCat terminal?
The distance between the Mactan International Airport and Pier 1 is about 15-30 kilometers. Travel time is 30 minutes during normal traffic hours and up to an hour during rush hour.



I would like to become a SuperCat Agent. How and where should I apply?
It's easy! Just submit a letter of intent addressed to the Sales Supervisor (Elma Benatiro) of SuperCat Fast Ferry Corporation together with a sketch of the location where you want to hold office. A formal application will be sent to you after we have evaluated your letter.


Is there a maximum cargo limit per passenger? If there is, how much will I be charged per excess cargo?
Yes. Each passenger is allowed 2 hand-carried baggage or 15 kilos equivalent. The passenger will be charged for baggage in excess of 15 kilos:


16th to 26th kilo - PhP 10.00 per kilo
27th kilo and above - PhP 20.00 per kilo


Note: New rates were also implemented for these baggage types:
- Sports Equipment
- Diving Equipment
- Animals and Plants


For more information, please inquire at our Baggage Counter or call (+63 32) 2349626.



Do you accept payment online?

Yes, we accept online payments. Please see and click eTicket in the main menu.


I already have a ticket; can I ask for a change or opt for a refund?
Yes, on both accounts! You can revalidate or ask for a refund any day prior or after the departure date.



Revalidation. PhP 11.20 if request is made before or on the day of departure 10% of total ticket amount if request is made a day after the departure date.


Refund. 10% of total ticket amount if request is made before or on the day of departure 20% of total ticket amount if request is made after departure date.

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